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Just got my Eggle back from Simon, it had some fret buzz and needed some fret levelling work and a general setup, I am very happy with the job he has done and would happily recommend him to anybody looking for guitar repairs or setup work.

Simon has done a great job of changing over the pickups in my strat and also setting it with to run with 11’s. Simon clearly is very knowledgeable about instruments, it was great to be able to talk to him in detail in the direction I wanted my guitar to go and also have his input on what to consider. I will definitely be using Simon regularly for all my guitar tech and repair needs.

Chris H

Nathan E

Simon replaced some worn out tuners for me on my old Les Paul and set up the guitar, it now plays brilliantly and stays in tune. Highly recommended and friendly service!!

Simon has set up several of my guitars, both acoustic and electric and the set ups are great.
He’s fitted an acoustic pickup for me and that’s extremely solid and neat.
He’s also re-soldered several guitars and fitted new pickups, and rewired and upgraded a couple of speaker cabs and amps.
He know’s what he’s doing!

Antony W

Brinley H

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