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Repair Services


Restringing a guitar correctly takes practice to get right. we can restring your guitar while you wait and we also offer a collection and drop-off service for multiple guitars. If you're changing string gauge, a basic setup will usually also be necessary. Restringing starts at £20 plus strings.

Electric Guitar

Instrument setup

Goonbell Guitar Repairs specialises in guitar setup services, offering top-quality service and quick turnaround. A basic setup includes changing the strings, cleaning and oiling the fingerboard where necessary, setting the neck relief, intonation and action, polishing frets and giving the instrument a good clean. Electrics can also be tested and noisy components de-oxidised on request. Prices start at £50 plus strings for a basic setup.

Image by De an Sun

Fret levelling and reprofiling

If your guitar is buzzy in places or the frets are pitted and worn, it may be time to have the frets levelled and reprofiled. This procedure will get your instrument playing and sounding great again. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your guitar.

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Instrument repairs

We have over 25 years experience working on guitars and other stringed instruments, so we can usually give an appraisal and a quote for the work required over the phone or by email. Get in touch.

Guitar Strings


Noisy pots and switches on your guitar or bass can be annoying and a dry solder joint or worn components in the wiring loom can make your guitar unreliable. We can rewire your guitar according to your requirements including replacing worn electrical components, changing pickups, or rewiring whole looms. 

We can also advise on straightforward amplifier issues including replacing worn valves, changing speakers and cleaning noisy pots.

WARNING: amplifiers have lethal voltages inside even when disconnected from the mains. Do NOT attempt fault diagnosis or repairs yourself but consult a qualified amp technician or electrical engineer.  

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